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What's on this week?
14th February - Auditions for HS Play
14th February - Coming up after the break!
7th February - HS One-Act Plays Wednesday and Thursday evening
7th February - Artist-in-Residence visit next week
7th February - ACS Voices looking for new members!
7th February - Choral Concert Celebration!
7th February - HS Music students to visit the Royal Festival Hall next week
31st January - Marimba workshop next Saturday 8th February
31st January - Choral Concert next week!
17th January - Upcoming MS concerts next week
17th January - ISTA MS Festival applications open
10th January - HS One-Act Plays - HS student writers, directors, performers wanted!
10th January - Trinity Exam results - congratulations!
10th January - Shakespeare Schools Festival feedback
13th December - Auditions for MS Play!
13th December - MS Play Audition pieces
6th Dececember - LS Songs on 12th and 13th December in the Theatre
29th November - the busy week ahead - 2 Concerts & the Rock Band Workshop!
29/11 Congrats to HS Cast and Crew!
22/11 Grimm Tales - HS Play - Thursday 28th November @ 7pm
15/11 Congratulations to our MS performers & Break a Leg!
15/11 Rock Band Workshop - Sunday 8 December
Bandung visit
Upcoming performances for November & December
Visit and performance from Bandung school students, Indonesia
HS Open Mic - congratulations!
HS Open Mic - Wed 30 October @ 4pm
Practice Buddies - young musicians wanted!
Trunk or Treat - HS storytellers and volunteers wanted
Auditions for the Lower School Production Madagascar-A Musical Adventure Jr.
A Midsummer Night's Dream - 21 November at the Leatherhead Theatre
MS Concerts - 11, 15 & 16 October
HS Recital - Thursday 10th October @7pm in the Theatre
HS Open Mic - performers needed!
Watch out for our busy October!
Cobjam - congratulations!
Peace Day celebration
Congratulations - Speech and Drama exam results
Jazz Workshop - Sat 21 September
International Day of Peace - Fri 20 September
Arts Award
Tryout and auditions - congratulations!
Welcome to 2019/2020
Middle School Auditions – ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ - 21st & 22nd August
Instrumental tryout - 21 August at 2.30pm
Auditions - High School Play - 21st & 22nd August
What did we accomplish in 2018/19?
Summer Concert and LS Recital
Don't miss the Summer Concert and LS Recital this week!
MS Students perform at Princess Alice Hospice
LS Concert
Tales from the Story-Spaza-Shop - what a performance!
Lower School Concert
Tales From The Story-Spaza-Shop - Tickets on Sale Now!
Mary Poppins crew went to the MTI Junior Theatre Festival
Drama 2 Student's Performance
Jazz Messenger's Gig Saturday 25 May
Vibrant musical comes to ACS Cobham - Ticket Sales open today on ParentPay!
We rocked and rolled!!
Rockband Workshop - Sunday 12th May
Trinity Speech and Drama Exam Results
ACS Jazz Messengers to perform in St-Martha-on-the-Hill
Whole School Instrumental Concert - what a performance!
Rock Band concert - Thursday 2 May at 7pm
HS Recital this week
Mary Poppins was.... supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
Rock Band Workshop -6th April 2019
Marimba Workshop was wonderful!
HS take part in Voice in a Million
Photos of the MS Concert
ABRSM exams -Saturday 11th and 18th May 2019
Voice in a Million - Wednesday 20th March 2019
Rehearsals of the community play "Tales from the Story-Spaza-Shop" are underway!
8th March update - Don't miss the MS Music Concerts next week!
1st March update -Video of Shows and Concerts
Congratulations - 15th February 2019
HS 10 minute Plays -8th February 2019
ACS Choral Concert - congratulations!
ACS Choral Concert
Community Play: Tales from the Story-Spaza Shop
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